I was having breakfast today with my dad. As I was munching down on my high cholesterol breakfast of bacon and scrambled eggs, I looked up at my dad who was reading the editorial section of the paper when the headline screamed out at me: BLACK TO CALL SHOTS FOR BLUE EAGLES. Instead of spewing out my food in disbelief (it was after all a tasty morsel), I asked for the sports section and read the article.

Apparently, Sands was demoted to First Assistant Coach, much like Adonis Tierra in the PBA. I wasn't too surprised by the news. I had it on a reliable source that some of the players weren't happy with Sandy's system and a lot of the alumni were calling for his head after the Eagles fell in the semis.

Still, we have to give it up for our friend. He led the team to 7 straight wins to start the season. Three of them came, I should add, after losing their top offensive and defensive player. Fatigue and predictability came into play afterwards, but I remember beaming with pride everytime the Eagles took the floor, win or lose, simply because my friend was calling the shots from the bench.

It takes me back to the time when I first heard the news that Sandy was named Head Coach in the first place. I was doing my radio show one Sunday morning when the news arrived on my phone. First chance I got, I announced it to the world. Shouted it from the rooftops as far as Magic's coverage could get me. Afterwards, I was reprimanded for sounding biased towards Ateneo. My contention was that why shouldn't I have been. My friend was Head Coach of my alma mater's team. Good enough reason for me.

Sands, we got your back. There'll be more head coaching positions in your future. We'll still be there to cheer you on. Uso lang kasi imports ngayon e.

Win or lose, it's Sandy we choose!



There's news today of another school shooting in the States. This time it was a 17 year old kid who first killed his grandparents then brought two handguns and a shotgun to school and went on a killing spree before he took his own life.

Aside from saying a prayer for the kids who lost their lives, as well as their families, one has to think about what could have driven a kid like this to do such a horrible act. The article in Yahoo said that the kid was teased a lot but they didn't want to speculate if that was the motive for the shootings.

It makes me think back to high school. I remember Ramon Salvosa who suffered a mental breakdown of sorts after the incessant teasing of the other kids in the honors class. I remember Felix Gulfin who, despite his hulking size, was often reduced to tears in Bro. Dunne's office due to the bad treatment he got from the A-boys. Obviously, it wasn't enough to drive them over the edge (relatively speaking) but it makes you thank the higher powers that none of us went to such extremes.

I remember our fourth year retreat, when we had that candle exercise where we could say "I'm sorry" or "Thank you" to certain people in class. It's still as clear as day that I recall that R-jay put a candle in front of me and apologized for being so mean...even admitting that "Budoy" was supposed to be a slur on my part.

I remember being taken aback by this, not because R-jay was actually sorry for something but that I had been the target of teasing in the class...and I hadn't even felt or realized it. Maybe I had been desensitized by my years in A...we'll never really know.

Of course, I remember the stories you'd all tell me. The teasing of Tini. The constant infighting and insulting. It's a wonder we (at least you guys) didn't end up shooting each other between the eyes.

Paintball and Super Soakers don't count.


J-boys in the ether

I met up with two j-boys last year that I had literally not seen in years. One such meeting was by chance, the other by invitation, and while I was glad on both counts, I also found myself saddened on both counts as well.

You all (well, maybe not "all") know that I was the lone 4j representative at Allan Flores' wedding. What you may not all know was that I met up with Jay Duran in Greenhills a month or so before my second crack at the bar exam, only to find out on that very day together with him, that he had failed the medical boards. I think it was his first take. I mention it so casually because in truth, Jay D. was so utterly blase about it. He basically shrugged his shoulders, declared that he would take a week's vacation, and hit the books again.

I originally wanted to make the Jay D. anecdote the focal point (in my own blog) of a piece dealing with how much harder bar examinees have it than anyone else...yadda yadda yadda, but taken in conjunction with the Allan Flores wedding, I wanted to share a comment or two about those of us that seem to have lost interest in maintaining ties with the ongoing party that is 4-J.

Being invited to Allan Flores' wedding was particularly delightful, especially considering that when I attended, there weren't swarms of people (although there was a respectable number). In short, the guy considered enough a part of his life that he wanted us to be there for what is undoubtedly one of the most important moments of that life. He subsequently showed up at TC's party, then has appeared to fade into obscurity again. The thing is, in his case, somehow it's okay. It's clear enough to us that we matter to him. If he doesn't hang out with us, maybe it's for lack of things to say or something like that. Or maybe he's really just busy.

But what about the other guys, I wonder? The guys abroad and in other provinces (James Otayza in Sulu) are understandable, but what about the guys that just up and disappeared? This is not about holding grudges or casting aspersion here, but I genuinely wonder what causes some people to drift away from a group like us. Of all the Ateneo high school classes/sections I've ever heard of, we are among the most close-knit, so I admit to feeling a little slighted when people just up and leave for no apparent reason.

I do confess to being a little resentful of the guys that pop up after so many years just because they've thought up some get-rich quick scheme (Paolo Quimson) or because they want us to give them business (remember Aleth's cafe? Although he later sort of redeemed himself by showing up at Woowoo's wake).

Is our camaraderie something to outgrow? Are they the smart ones? My instinct is, of course, to say no, but I have to confess to being genuinely curious as to why some people, some of whom were even well-enough liked (I don't remember anyone ever getting on Allan Flores' case) just seem to drift away.


Pickup Lines

Hehe I remember TC's famous "Nice shoes-- wanna fuck?" pickup line after reading this guy's list. There was also TC's "Fuck me if I'm wrong but I think you like me" as well as Miko's "The night is young and so are we!"

Anyway, some choice pickings:

1. I wish you were a door so I could slam you all day long.

2. (Lick finger and wipe on her shirt)....Let's get you out of these wet clothes.

3. Nice legs...what time do they open?

So what are you guys using nowdays?



Miko, it could be argued, possesses the most creative mind among us. Looking back, I guess it shouldn't be surprising that, one evening in mid-1996, he became the first to announce that he will soon be a father.

It was a real shock to those present, as exemplified by Philip's exclaimation of "Hindi ka na virgin?!"

That was about nine years ago, and the child is now a tall and strapping individual who seems to prefer soccer to basketball. Oh well.

Others among us have had the blessing of children since then. The intense astonishment has dimmed with time, and that has only served to highlight the sparkle of excitement and joy we feel for our expectant friends.

Such the joy we feel for as for Rjay and Leslie.

"Sana lalake anak ko." said Rjay. "Kapag lalake anak ko, magpapa-inom ako."

"Kung babae, ok din. Kaya lang, kawawa siya sa akin. Alam ko lahat ng kalokohan ng lalake."

Parenthood can truly be a wonder, such as how the saying that daughters are a father's punishment for being a man can at times seem so wonderfully suitable.

There is nothing like the thought of a child that can give us all something to look forward to, as Philip pointed out. "Maganda si Leslie. Maganda magiging anak niyo na babae. Maputi. Kapag Grade 5 na iyan...."

Add to all of that the fact that we've known each other as children. And we can remain children still, eager and open to what the next day may bring, and what fun to have with our friends.

We all do eagerly await the newest member of our family. And we'd love to be involved in anyway we can.

"Kapag babae,” Philip solemnly promised, “kami ni Miko magpapa-inom."


Proposed 4j Movie Gimmicks

Life's full of little ironies; the last six months or so have blown by as though they were nothing, but now that the bar results are weeks (weeks!) away, time seems...to...have.......slowed.......to..............a.............crawl.

The wait is unbearable, and so while I generally rely on work to keep me occupied, it's been a slow day at the office today, so I thought I'd drop a line (or about 500 words). I've come up with a list of movies we might all want to see. Some of them are no-brainers, I'm sure, but there might be a film in here you haven't heard of or read about...


No-brainer. Although I missed the 4j viewing of Episode II, for some reason I am pumped about this last chapter. I've got my fingers crossed as tightly as humanly possible that George Lucas can finish off the last of the prequels with at least some panache.


Ha! Didn't know about this one, did you? It's a medieval action movie by Ridley Scott starring an ensemble cast headed by Orlando Bloom. I was able to convince some of you guys to see "Gladiator" which enough of you seemed to enjoy, so maybe you'll give ol' Ridley another shot? Here's hoping.


Hmmm. For some reason I find myself looking forward more to Superman, all the way next year. I've seen a couple of trailers and, to quote Kevin Smith, the movie has a "been there, done that" feel about it. However, if we don't see each other between now and then, I may well seize the opportunity to meet up with you guys again.


To my mind? No-brainer. This is the new millenium's "Jurassic Park," given the hype and the pedigree of the crew. Then again, that's what they said about "Minority Report" (which I happened to like). But come on, do any of you actually intend to pass this one up (except for Jay, who has professed to hating Tom Cruise)?


I sincerely believe this film is more likely to be another X2 than another Daredevil or Hulk. I, for one, am going to see it, and consider this an open invitation to see it with me.


How do you guys feel about Michael Bay, anyway? "The Rock" was an okay movie, but is that reason enough for you to give this one a shot, after crap like "Pearl Harbor" and "Bad Boys 2"? Anyway, Ewan McGregor's choice of projects has been consistently good...oh, wait a minute...he was in the Star Wars prequels. Oh well.

Hope to see you guys at the movies?

(And that's about 20 minutes I was able to stop thinking about the bar results).


col wilma deering did more for spandex in the 80s than mr. t did for bling bling. erin gray is still an attractive older lady.
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i liked the movie. i was fortunate to get the author's autograph. my first signed book.
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so i was walking around the old city of dali (china) then the lights went out in half the city.
i thought "what a dump!"
i was a tourist and i expected basic amenities to be provided on a 24 hour basis.
i stopped myself short when i realized the P.I. was still like this and then it made me sad.

writing in blogs

reading joey's blog, someone commented:
"The problem is that you write too much about other writers"
well, the guy hit the nail on the head.
this is actually what i was trying to tell joe a long time ago but i wasn't very clear. when i first mentioned this, tc mistook it for an attack and curtly responded "then don't read it."
i was of course merely giving constructive criticism.
apparently jay t. thought i made the same comment about him but he's going to have to refresh my memory on that. the truth of the matter is i didn't get that directionless feeling from his, or anyone else's blog.
i've always known joey wanted to be a writer and i harbored the same feelings before i realized writing was a draining experience for me.
i felt the blog lacked a *personal* direction, and i wanted him to write something original. Some of the best stuff comes from the heart. or has some basis in reality, like characterization. When there's depth, one will have an emotional attachment. i guess i was looking for something real and not a dissertation on other writers' works. although i guess one does start somewhere. i recognize there are techniques to finding your voice and one of them is to borrow words ("Finding Forrester")
me? i still lack energy, inspiration, and patience.
there are topics that are on the back of my head but i fail to write them down. i would like to expound on them but i forget.


Classified Ads

Just doing this as a favor.

This is available locally so if you or if you know anyone who might be interested in a job, send your resumes to the addresses (whether email or snailmail) below:

  • Part-time English instructor (for English and call-center training), no necessary experience needed but interested in teaching, paid by the hour: send via snail mail to Informatics International College Ortigas Saint Francis Square, Doña Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City or email at itip(at)informatics(dot)com(dot)ph and address it to language coordinator, higher education, Informatics.
  • Marketing position, interested in cultural arts events like orchestral, jazz, ballet, and film series, fresh graduate will do as long as creative, motivated and hard-working, will be trained if needed: email me at estranghero(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll pass it along.

I know this is tangently related to 4J but for the people here who are interested in a new job or who know other people, let me know.


12 Years after

Come March 17, it will have been 12 years to the day since we marched out of the high school. I was just watching Mr. Deeds the other day and thought to myself, "In the twelve years since, have we lived our dreams? Or are we, as Adam Sandler quaintly put it, gonna get our asses kicked by our younger selves?"

I lived a dream when I was a DJ, but twelve years ago, I was envisioning myself calling PBA games or wrestling matches by now. I'd also have had a hit record.

From the different blog entries and emails we've exchanged over the years, I do know that:
  1. Joey should be writing the great Filipino sci-fi novel.
  2. Jim should either be writing films (or reviewing them).
  3. TC should be kicking Bill Gates' ass all over the place.
  4. Ryan should have had a copy of every comic ever published.
  5. We'd all be living next door to each other in our own exclusive village, all married, living off the swag from our strip club "Club 4J".
You get the picture.

After 12 years, maybe we have settled on practicality and money.

But that's no reason to stop dreaming right?

Time to work on that album.



Yup, got the DVD. Watched it last night.

My review? If you like Spongebob, you'll love the movie. Imagine a really long episode.

My comments? I loved it. Will gladly watch it again with you boys. Word of warning though to Joey. Be prepared. You will be affected by a certain scene in the film. I'll be there to point it out of course. And I won't be laughing at you. I'll be laughing alongside you. Hee-hee-hee.

'Tis the Season to Be Panicky

Last night Jay T. asked me if the bar results had come out. Although I can tell you guys with near certainty that they will come out on a Friday, I will say that his was a perfectly valid question.

It's bar results season, and although I'm not as much of an emotional wreck right now as I have been over the last six months or so, the nerves can still get to me. It actually helps that the office of the Bar Chairman is literally two minutes' walk from where I work. That, however, doesn't stop the rumor-mongers from popping out of the woodwork!

Jay, do you remember Ivy, the girl Theia nearly hooked you up with? Well, she passed on scuttlebutt that the results would be out at the end of the month (Feb), which has since come and gone. If I hadn't been in a position to immediately shoot the rumor down, I'd want to bitch-slap her right now for compounding my anxiety. The worst part is I know that the rumors will be coming with alarming frequency in the weeks to come.

Anyway, I'd like to ask you guys to join me in a new prayer. Not really for my results, as they are practically a done deal by now (all the papers have been checked), although I still welcome prayers for that, but for my peace of mind as I wait. There's at the very most another month to go and this is easily the hardest, especially for a repeater.

Just join me to pray that I hang loose and let it all go...with or without the aid of alcohol or other outside stimuli (anyone with your heads in the gutter, please get them out now).

To detach myself...that would be a lovely thing right now...