Despite my weakened condition and sour disposition, I opened my doors to my brothers for another Christmas party. This is what, four years in a row? Five? Happy to have you nonetheless.

The Boys started arriving at around 8:30, bearing food fit for kings. I couldn't touch it though but why let that spoil the party?

Sonny came with Ria. Tini brought three roast chickens. TC with Elena, Joey and Joel, Bob, R-Jay, Pich, AA sans Aljay, Sandy, Rhochie and Micki, and our two expats Jazzy and Carlo.

Some of the usual suspects couldn't make it, but they were there in spirit.

And boy there was a lot of that.

At the end of the night, a lot of the boys looked more Chinese than Xander.

Yesiree, Christmas spirit. Even Pich looked Chinese. Try and get money from a chi-indian.


Here's (Cheers?) to next year! Hopefully, I will be in better spirits myself!


One of the First to Fall

Tristan Carlyle turns 30 this week and we welcomed it with a kiddie party last Sunday at Elena's place. In attendance were R-Jay and Leslie, Xander & Melissa (and kids), Allan Flores with the missus, Ching, Joel, Joey and Mia, Jim & Theia (with Apel), Rhochie and Micki, Carlo (all of him) and Maita, Beloy (with daughter Pipay, Garet, Garet's beau), Jigs and one of his significant others, Tini (with Conci) and myself (Buds). Pich and Bob managed to fly in and catch the tailend of the party. Of course, our hosts TC and Elena were ever present (with TC's face transplanted onto Spongebob in one of the banners).

It was then decided that the 4J XXXMas party will be held on the 26th of December. Venue TBA.


I'll always remember...

It's funny that I only came into the J section in 4th year yet some of you think that I was there earlier. I find it even funnier that I have more memories from that one year in J than my three years in A. Having said that, I will always remember:
- Pich screaming like a girl when he saw a cockroach near his chair
- Ms.Pabia remarking nonchalantly in her British accent, "Mr. Peechay. Don't tell me you're afraid of a little eeepis."
- The first time RJay's eyes lit up in a moment of inspiration and called me "Budoy"
- Counting the bumps on Alan Abad's bald head when he sat in front of me in Trig.
- Lithium during recess
- Lithium during Lunch
- Lithium during 5 minute breaks
- Touch football and RJay's "bonehead" cheer
- Jan Tiangco confessing during the retreat when it was really Verayo and company in hot water.
- The yellow lights of OB
- Fr.OB breaking tradition and protocol and marching down with us after Grad
- The Fab Feb party!
- The mass we had for Alan the day he died
- Lately, the singing at the mass we had for Alan and Woowoo. Pitiful.


Filipino spam i.e. Ma Ling?

Got this in our office email address. I guess we've now seen it all...

Dear friend,

This is a proposal in context but actually an appeal soliciting for your
unreserved assistance in consummating an urgent transaction. By way of
summarized profile of myself, I am Senator Luisa Pimentel Estrada, a 74years old
lady and the first wife of Joseph Ejercito Estrada (former head of state and
President of Philippines) who is presently held in detention in a hospital
outside manilla,Philippines.However, the current administration of Gloria
Arroyo(The President of Philippines) the present Government have resolved to
freeze all known assets of Joseph Ejercito Estrada including properties at home
and abroad and are presently embarking on to seize the various bank accounts of
my Husband in Switzerland,UK and Australia. We cannot be held responsible for
the sins of my Husband. In view of this plight, I expect you to be trustworthy
and kind enough to respond to this distressed call to save our family from a
hopeless future. And if you agree to help, we shall discuss the disbursement
ratio in our next correspondence after we have been acquainted. In fact, the
attack on our family (The Estrada's) is so devastated to an extent of seizing
our traveling passport, family accounts, trying some members of our family in
court for offences allegedly committed by my Husband and even restrict us from
seeing my husband.Ihave carefully moved out these funds (US$18 million), before
my husband was impeached to an offshore Deposit Company.From past experiences,
many people I had regarded as close friends has capitalize on my family's
travail to run away with my money. In order to avert this negative development,
I in conjunction with my son (DANIEL) now seek your permission to allow my
attorney do a CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP/REASSIGNMENT OF CREDIT of stated funds from
the deposit company to your name, so that the funds (US$18million) would be
released to you as the new owner (on behalf of me and my family).In view of this
grievous threat to our Economic and personal survival, our family trustee have
secretly protected the deposit, you are to assist us to lay claims of the
consignment with the aid of all legal documents that will be forwarded to you as
time goes on.I am writing because when I deposited the money in the deposit
company, I told them that it belonged to a foreign business partner and my
present position will not allow me to claim the funds. Consequently, I will
present you as the owner of the funds in the Deposit Company so you can be able
to claim them. This is simple. I will like you to provide immediately; 1. Full
names2. Contact address3. Telephone and fax numbersOnce I receive this
information, we will prepare the necessary documents that will put you in place
as the new owner of the funds. The money will then be released to your custody
by the Deposit Company, for us to share. No doubt this proposal will make you
apprehensive,please we employ you to observe utmost confidentiality and rest
assured that this transaction would be most profitable for both of us because we
shall require your assistance to invest our share in your country (buying of
properties like houses, hotels etc). This is why your urgent action and response
is of priority to enable us concluding this transaction in a timely and
professional manner.Awaiting your swift response via this email address: lpeestrada@nyc.com indicating your interest pls.

Thanks and regards,

Luisa Pimentel Estrada.

Hehehe. Mukhang expanding your horizons ah.


We're Out

Sara has a male friend who admitted to being gay. No cross-dressing transvestite, this fellow. This guy looked normal, sounded normal, and was a regular guy in almost every way. He was just into other guys. It was only after being told that she realized that this fellow did leave little clues everywhere, that once she put everything together, it did make sense.
Sara then thought up this theory that in any group of guys, there has to be one in the closet somewhere, but with little breadcrumbs leading the way there.

When she brought this theory up to us guys, as expected, there were a few edgy looks going across the table. And with each look, more than a few stories came out. Here are a few.

Back in high school, during one of our countless breaks, Gail went to bug Rhochie and quickly sat on his lap. Rhochie reacted immediately "Dali, Gail, tumayo ka! Tinitigasan ako!"

As TC and Aljay were walking around the UP campus, an outrageously gorgeous item came into view. TC thought to himself "Wow, she's hot." Unable and unwilling to take his eyes away, his brain could barely register anything else.
This was until Aljay called out to the person "John! Pare, kumusta?"

John once asked Bob if he wanted to get a Celine Dion cd. John somehow ended up with two copies of the same album. I guess when you're over six feet, 190 pounds, and start at power forward, you’d rarely get odd questions about your taste in music.
Years later, John managed to totally intimidate his teammates by belting out a soulful and evocative "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman."

Sara was shopping for some clothes and Bob tagged along with her. She stepped into a store and picked out a top. As she was looking it over, Bob said "I don't like the stitching on that one."
She got another top. "The fabric's kinda coarse." Back to the rack for that one.
She finally got to try one on, and it earned the evaluation "The style is ok, but it just doesn't drape well on you. The cut doesn’t seem to be suitable."
It's pretty much been that way ever since.

Back in high school, Rjay asked a question to several people.
"Kung papagpiliin ka, sino titirahin mo, si Aga Mulach o si Ruby Rodriguez."
His own answer, with conviction, was "Ako kay Aga. Hindi ko talaga kaya ng mataba."
After over eleven years since, he has an update.
"Sino titirahin niyo, sina Deither Ocampo o si Judy Ann Santos?"
"Hindi ko talaga kaya ng pangit. Kay Deither na ako"

The theories could just go on, that there’s at least a bit of femininity in all of us, or that maybe there is something behind these stories, that Sara could be proven correct.

Perhaps it’s just because we’ve known each other for so long.