Another one bites the dust...

Geez, we're dropping off like flies. Kinda anyway.

I just got Ching's text message this morning about Fely. I also read Jig's email message.

So... that's how many from our batch again? And considering we're only breaching 30s?


I remember Fely: he was a funny guy, one from our batch that went to UP. I remember one time we saw each other in Sacred Heart Church in Quezon City, when I still lived in Mahinhin Street. We were both seated outside, on the railing of the driveway leading to the church.

We talked a bit, catching up despite the fact that he wasn't from class J. I remember him telling me that his whole body ached because of a ritual he had to attend for his frat, and that he hadn't told his parents yet that he had joined. And all that time, he was smiling, like the pain was okay, he was alright.

I know we weren't close but still, it's sad.

Anyway, this post is for the ones who've gone ahead, like Allan Abad, Woo Ortiz, and all the rest.


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Meeting sa Makati Avenue

Picked this up and had it scanned. Forgot the name of the bar/restaurant though. (It was Jel and Miko's party I think?) Wala lang.

Para intro sa party pics last Saturday. (Hint! Hint!)