Growing Up

Rj laid it out.

A costume party for Halloween. Serious costumes. Cowboy outfits from grunge-era plaid flannel shirts tucked into denim pants don't cut it.

Two blocks of yellow foam for Sponge Bob, that's what he's talking about.

And we all agreed.

Elena put it succintly, "Sige ba. Lumalaki naman kayo ng paurong, eh." With "kayo", I take it to mean that she freely admits to having already grown up odd.

Sara wasn't with us at the time, and I texted her ahout the idea for the party. She replied that she'll come in a high school uniform. As expected, the guys and I were quite supportive.

Elena said that she has an authentic Japanese sailor girl outfit. TC's eyes immediately lit up, to which Elena replied "Baka hindi na tayo umabot sa party kung suotin ko iyon."

"Tamang-tama", TC said, "pwede ako magdamit na pang-DOM!"

"Huwag kang umasa na may makukha ka sa akin kung iyan ang gagawin mo." came the quick reply.

As you can tell, wearing pants really isn't just for guys.

The two of them did raise an important point. We'd better set some rules or, instead of a Halloween party, we might end up with a set of a porn production.

Paurong or not, it's nice to know that we've grown up enough to let go and have fun. Otherwise, we really have no business being adults.


I went down

To Palawan that is. This Vietnamese priest who's staying with us decided to ask me along while he tours his former student (a petite vietnamese girl) around Palawan for the weekend. (Side note, she was cute when she had her mouth closed - she had bad teeth and chewed with her mouth open - must be a custom. Side note 2, I kept expecting her to blurt out the words "Hello Joe! Me Love you long time").

I spent the whole of 23 hours in Palawan and it made me want to go back ASAP. I stayed in Viet Ville which is known for being a refugee camp for people who fleed Vietnam. It's a ctually a nice, clean community filled with the sweetest people (Me love you long time!). Kidding... they were an awesome bunch who welcomed me into their homes and took me around to see the sites.

Before I go on and thereby take away any material I could use for my blog I just want to say na we should go one day. It would cost us about 5,500 each for round trip tickets and the house I stayed in (3 bedrooms, 3 single beds, 1 double bed), running water, airconditioning comes up to only 1,000 a day. Island hopping from nearby Honda Bay costs about 1,200 per boat and the food is really cheap but really good (and on the basis of my size, I do know food).

What you think boys? Me love you long time?


American humor

And who said us Pinoys are the only ones who can make the best Erap/ FPJ jokes around? Oh wait... Bush jokes pala to. (Taken from here.)

Joke 1:

So George is doing yet another photo op at an elementary school, and this one’s been going pretty well, so he offers to take questions. A little boy raises his hand.
“Okay, you,” says George, smiling. “What’s your name?”
“Billy. And what’s your question?”
“I have three questions,” Billy says. “First, why did you go to war without UN approval? Second, why are you president when Gore got more votes? Third, where’s Osama bin Laden?”
George is taken aback. “Uh, those are really hard questions,” he says.
Just then the bell rings. “Whoops, time for recess!” George says. “Guess I’ll have to answer your questions when recess is over.”
After recess, when the kids have settled back down again, George says “Okay, who’s got a question?”
A little kid raises his hand, and George calls on him.
“What’s your name?” George asks.
“Okay, Steve. What’s your question?”
“I have five questions,” Steve says. “First, why did you go to war without UN approval? Second, why are you president when Gore got more votes? Third, where’s Osama bin Laden? Fourth, why did the bell for recess ring twenty minutes early? And fifth, what happened to Billy?”

Joke 2:

President Bush was visiting a primary school. One of the classes was in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings. The teacher asked the president if he would like to lead the discussion on the word "tragedy." So the illustrious leader asked the class for an example of a "tragedy."
One little boy stood up and offered, "If my best friend, who lives on a farm, is playing in the field and a tractor runs him over and kills him, that would be a tragedy."
"No," said Bush, "that would be an accident."
A little girl raised her hand: "If a school bus carrying 50 children drove over a cliff, killing everyone inside, that would be a tragedy."
"I'm afraid not," explained the president. "That's what we would call a great loss."
The room went silent. No other children volunteered.
Bush searched the room. "Isn't there someone here who can give me an example of tragedy?"
Finally at the back of the room a small boy raised his hand. In a quiet voice he said: "If Air Force One carrying Mr. Bush was struck by a "friendly fire" missile and blown to smithereens, that would be a tragedy."
"Fantastic!" exclaimed Bush. "That's right. And can you tell me why that would be a tragedy?"
"Well," says the boy, "it has to be a tragedy, because it certainly wouldn't be a great loss and it probably wouldn't be an accident either."

Joke 3:

So, anyway, this guy walks into a little cafe in SoHo. There's no one in there but him, the waitress, and two guys over at a far table.
The waitress comes up and says, "What do you want?"
"Some tea and digestive biscuits," he says.
"That's funny," she says, "the two guys over there ordered the same thing."
The guy looks at them, and says, "That's funny, they look a lot like George Bush and Tony Blair!"
That's because they are George Bush and Tony Blair," the waitress says. "They're really friendly guys -- you know those politicians, always glandhanding -- why don't you go over and introduce yourself?"
So the guy goes over to the other table, and George waves a digestive biscuit in the air and says, "Hey! Pull up a chair!"
The guy sits down and says, "Hi, guys, what's up?"
"We're planning to start a war in the Middle East," George says.
"A war in the Middle East?" the guy says. "What's going to happen?"
Tony Blair takes a sip of tea and says, "We're going to kill a hundred thousand Iraqis and a mime."
"A mime!" the guy says. "Why would you want to kill a mime?"
"See?" George asks. "What did I tell you? No one cares about a hundred thousand Iraqis."

Joke 4:

Bush goes over to England and meets with the Queen.
"I've always admired your foreign policy, Your Majesty," Bush says. "The way you handled that Falklands mess... that was great. What's your secret?"
"It's quite simple, really," the Queen says. "I surround myself with clever ministers. Here, let me show you."
She calls Tony Blair in, and says, "Tony, here's a riddle for you. Your father has a child, and your mother has a child. The child isn't your brother, and it isn't your sister. Who is it?"
"It's me, Your Majesty," Tony says.
"Quite right," the Queen says.
George thinks about this, on his way back to Washington. On his arrival, he calls Dick Cheney into his office. "Dick," he says, "I have a question for you. Your father has a child, and your mother has a child. The child isn't your brother, and it isn't your sister. Who is it?"
"I'll get back to you on that," Cheney says.
Cheney calls a meeting with Ashcroft and Rumsfeld, and says to them, "The president asked a question, and I'd like your help on finding the answer. 'Your father has a child, and your mother has a child. The child isn't your brother, and it isn't your sister. Who is it?' Any ideas?"
They think about this, and after a bit Ashcroft says, "Why don't we ask Colin Powell? He's pretty smart."
So Dick Cheney calls Colin Powell up on the phone and says, "Your father has a child, and your mother has a child. The child isn't your brother, and it isn't your sister. Who is it?"
"That's easy," Powell says, "It's me."
"Thanks, Colin," Cheney says, and goes immediately back to the Oval Office.
"I have an answer for you," Cheney says to Bush. "It's Colin Powell."
"No, no, you fool," Bush says. "It's Tony Blair."

Joke 5:

One day during show & tell, a little girl stands up in front of her class and says, "My cat just had a litter of kittens, and every one of them is a Republican!"
Her teacher thinks this is just too cute for words, so a month later, when George is doing a photo op at the school, the teacher prompts the girl to talk about her pets.
"My cat had a litter of kittens," the girl says, "and every one of them is a Democrat."
"What?" says her teacher, horribly embarrassed. "Last month, you said they were all Republicans!"
"Well, yeah," says the little girl; "but since then, their eyes have opened."

Joke 6: (I like this one.)

Bush and one of his Secret Service bodyguards have gone cycling in his ranch and suddenly Bush falls down and lies unmoving. The bodyguard panics and calls his Emergency number on his radio.
"Help! I think the President is dead!"
A calm voice drawls out: "OK, son, cool down. First things first. Make damn sure the President if really dead."
A shot rings out. The bodyguard comes on line again.
"Ok. Done. What now?"

Joke 7:

One night, George W. Bush is awakened by George Washington's ghost in the White House. Bush asks: "George, what is the best thing I could do to help the country?"
"Set an honest and honorable example, just as I did," Washington advises.
The next night, the ghost of Thomas Jefferson moves through the dark bedroom. "Tom," W asks, "what is the best thing I could do to help the country?"
"Cut taxes and reduce the size of government," Jefferson advises.
Bush isn't sleeping well the next night, and sees another figure moving in the shadows. It's Abraham Lincoln's ghost. "Abe, what is the best thing I could do to help the country?" Bush asks.
Abe answers: "Go see a play."

Joke 8:

After numerous rounds of "We don't even know if Osama is still alive", Osama himself decided to send George W. a letter in his own handwriting to let him know he was still in the game.
Bush opened the letter and it appeared to contain a coded message:
Bush was baffled, so he e-mailed it to Colin Powell.
Colin and his aides had no clue either so they sent it to the FBI.
No one could solve it so it went to the CIA, on then to the NSA, then to the Secret Service.
With no clue as to its meaning, they eventually sked Australias ASIO for help.
ASIO cabled the White House as follows: "Tell the President he is looking at the message upside down!"

Hehehe. Dedicated to the 4J guys in the US...



Sara and I met up in Eastwood, and I wanted to watch Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

I was to meet up with Philip and TC after in Rockwell. Sara had another thing to go to in the evening.

I got the tickets ten minutes before the screening time. I selected the only unoccupied row in the center aisle, so I managed to get the seats right in the middle. There were a number of people watching the movie. One entire row was occupied, in fact.

While going to my seat, I noticed the one whole occupied row was filled by a group of guys. They were of a similar age, different looks and sizes. In twos and threes, they were talking, looking around, laughing.

I remarked to Sara that apart, they would just look like normal people. But seeing them as a group, I could only come to one conclusion.

They were classmates once, and they were watching a science fiction movie together.

I looked to Sara and said that they're a cult. She just looked back and said that it takes one to know one.

Anyway, I found the movie to be as it should be, entertaining, witty, and an escape.

Just after the movie finished, I found that Philip and the twins and Molly were just about to watch the same show in Rockwell.

TC decided to pass on the movie but stayed in Rockwell anyway. Sara decided to pass on her own later engagement and have dinner in Eastwood instead.

While walking around looking for a place to eat, I heard a voice call out. It was Joey, Mia, and a couple of members of her family. They were just about to have dinner in Jack's Loft. We joined them.

We caught up on a number of things. Why, it's been almost a whole month since we met up. Among a bunch of other things, we talked about who was working where, what was the name of that person this guy was seeing, who was moving where, any recent ghost sightings, that sort of thing.

It also came up that Joey wanted to see Sky Captain as well. When he heard that Philip and Molly and the twins were seeing it as we spoke, Joey said that we might as well have set something up so that we could all have watched it together.

We probably could've gotten enough people to occupy a whole row.

Just like that other bunch of guys.



As we remember Woowoo's death anniversary, my thoughts go back to one of the nights of the wake when Marvin of 4A came to pay his respects. Of all the A-boys, I always thought that he was one of the friendlier and more sincere of the bunch. It was weird though to see him wince and roll his eyes when I mentioned Paul Padilla's name. You remember Paul. Ballpen holster, moustache, blue rubber shoes, always looked like his Mom dressed him. That Paul.

That reaction blew me away and made me appreciate my place as a J-boy. We had every type of guy from every walk of life. Despite our differences, we came out of it as a single unified class. One that tries to get together as much as often. One that remembers birthdays and anniversaries. A class of people who enjoy each other's company even if we've been doing this for over 11 years now. I remember the thrill of hearing of long-lost classmates like Aleth and Allan Flores and Efty and wishing they would join us more often. We are a class that's in a class all its own.

Sige na nga, before you guys start calling me too sentimental, let me just thank you for 4J.


getting an angle

what i like about the guy is that he puts it into perspective.
his newsletters are free and he makes good points.
i actually don't mind getting the book because he comes across as insightful, and, dare i say it, mature.
only half the lines work for me though.

Getting Your Groove Back With Women


Hi,I've read your newsletter for a few months now andjust recently got your book which is fantastic. Firstoff a little background here. I was married for 11years (I'm 33) and basically was either dating ormarried to same person for 13 years. I have beendivorced now for a few months, and was actually separated for over a year before I got divorced. Having been out of the dating scene for so long I was pretty much clueless (a lot has changed). I've always been a very funny guy and cocky to an extent, but in many ways what you would consider a "wuss". I've always considered myself a nice guy, considerate, caring, etc. You know, how mother taught you to be. I've realized that those qualities are great of course, but don't help a lot in the dating scene. Once I started more of the cocky routine, it's been amazing. Like I said, I've always been funny so I guess I have a head start already.Anyway, I've had some really "hot" dates in the pastcouple months with the help of your book, but one of the biggest problems I have in getting dates is the fact I have been divorced and have 4 kids. I don'tconsider this a problem whatsoever, they're a hugepart of my life, but I know the way women think sometimes and view this as "baggage". Is there any advice you could give me on how I can incorporate some of your philosophies and techniques into over coming this persona of "baggage" and help me attract more women?On a side note. This is a strange success story here(if you can consider it that haha). Like I saidbefore I was married, and she is a really beautifulwoman. Just for the hell of it I decided to startusing the c&f routine on her every chance I could (we still get along pretty good as "friends", btw). I thought it would be good "practice". Anyway, lastweekend I was over dropping off my kids, and she says"JC". I said, "what?". I walk over to her bedroom(where she was at) and she says out of the blue "geton the bed now!" She was kidding and it threw me for a loop, but I just said "in your dreams!" Shocked she said, "WHAT?" I replied with, "maybe in our nextlifetime". I then proceeded to end the conversationand leave quickly after that (had a date haha). Twonights ago she calls me at home, and basically askedme out. I said what the hell! So, we went out lastnight (kids were at her sisters), and let's just saythat after 3 years of not having sex with her, Iforgot what I was missing!! So there's one for you,"how to get your ex wife in bed with you again!!"LMAO In case you're wondering, no way no how, will I ever go back to that relationship (but sex on theother hand...hell yes!). There's a different kind of "success" story for you!J.C.


MY COMMENTS: In your email you point out something very, very, VERY interesting. You say:"I've always considered myself a nice guy, considerate,caring, etc. You know, how mother taught you to be.I've realized that those qualities are great of course,but don't help a lot in the dating scene." Well said. It is SO important that guys understand the distinctionbetween "dating scene" and "long-term relationship scene" when it comes to women and interacting with them. Many of the things that make a long-term relationshipgreat will KILL your chances INSTANTLY with a woman that you don't know. I'll talk about this more in amoment. I think that as guys, most of us want to do the right thing, treat others well, and live with integrity. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, but I think that most of us know at a very deep level that treating others well, being honest, having integrity,and living an authentic life leads to happiness... while being dishonest, treating others poorly, putting our integrity aside for selfish reasons, etc. leads to that constant, negative, dragging state of body and mind. The problem arises when we go out into the world to find a mate. It matters not whether we're looking for a wife or a one-night stand... As soon as we see a really attractive woman, most of us guys become nervous, self conscious, and insecure. We feel excitement and fear at the same time. The firstimpulse is to approach and give compliments in a waythat says "You are a beautiful goddess, and I am a mere mortal man... Please, if you would, see your way clear to give me a chance to show you how much I adore you." If the goddess indulges us for a moment, the nextimpulse is usually to provide gifts and food, and to show her what a great provider we are. Of course, not every man experiences things in exactly the same way, but you can probably empathize with what I'm saying. Here's the deal: I USED TO BE EXACTLY LIKE THIS. I know EXACTLY what it's like to want a woman's attention but not know how to get it... so I'd give compliments, offer gifts and food, and try every other "nice" trick in the book. I did this for a long time. Many years, in fact. I used this strategy long enough to realize a fewkey things:
1) Approaching women this way doesn't usually work. They immediately sense your insecurity, and mentally classify you as "average" and "like the other 10 guys that approached her today", etc.
2) ATTRACTION is a completely illogical process.ATTRACTION also isn't a choice. ATTRACTION is a responseto certain things... and it happens on it's own.
3) Being a good guy is an important part of life.Treating others well and always doing the right thingleads to things like: A) Liking yourself, B) Happiness,C) Good friendships, etc.
4) Being a "nice guy" when it comes to women and dating,especially when it is used enough to make you qualify as a WUSSY is a REALLY REALLY BAD idea.5) There are certain techniques that can be learnedwhich will help you get past the initial meeting anddating period... and help you not only stand out as a "not average" guy, but also create the magical emotionof ATTRACTION inside women.6) The great news is that you don't have to be ultrahandsome, rich, or famous to do it. The gist of what I'm saying is that if you know how to create this ATTRACTION inside of women, then you can overcome just about any "social stigma" that might be attached to you (yes, even 4 kids!). Some people get upset when they read about my techniques... they don't like the idea of making fun of a woman, busting her balls, being Cocky and Funny, etc. They just want to "be themselves" and have a woman"like them for who they are". Of course, these same guys ALMOST ALWAYS like tobuy women flowers and dinner, give compliments, acceptmanipulative behavior... and generally do ALL KINDS OF THINGS that I consider "very manipulative" and "not-at-all-being-yourself" kinds of behavior. Go figure. The point is that when you made the comment aboutthe qualities that make up "nice guy" don't really help you out when it comes to women and dating, you REALLY hit the nail on the head. It's not that you have to be an abusive-loser-jerk, but you must realize that there are certain qualities that aren't what one might consider "nice-guyish" that PUSH THE ATTRACTION BUTTONS inside of women. These are the things like being Cocky and Funny,teasing women, busting on them, and generally being a challenge. If you decide that a woman you've met is "long term" relationship material, then you can start doing the things that you'd do with someone who has earned your respect and trust. It's at this point that doing "nice guy" things makes more sense. BUT WATCH OUT! Don't unexpectedly turn in to Mr.Wussy just because a woman wants to have a relationshipwith you. Nothing can make a woman want to be "justfriends" faster... No matter what you do, you still must maintain a balance. So to answer your question about how to overcomethe objection to four kids... First, realize that the women you're meeting fallinto roughly a few categories:
1) Those that aren't interested at all, no matter what. Maybe they're gay, happily married, not interested...or all of the above.
2) Those that are interested in being with you for some short term fun, but aren't interested in a relationshipat all.
3) Those that are interested in short term fun whilethey're single, but would like to pursue a relationshipif they meet a good match. Here we have two sub-categories: A) Those that object to the four kids thing, and B) Those that don't.
4) Those that are only interested in a long-term relationship. We also have the sub-categories here... Those that object to the kids, and those that don't.
My first question to YOU is: "Which type of woman are YOU looking for?" Sounds to me like you're looking for a #3, option B... a woman who's interested in some short-term fun, who would like to pursue a long-term relationship if she meets a good match... and is open to the kids. (If you're only looking for a woman who's after short termfun, then the kids don't really matter. Just don't bring them up.) My perspective: Date some women, and BLOW THEIR MINDS with the techniques you've learned. Use the Cocky and Funny material... dial up the ATTRACTION... if you get physical with them, make it UNFORGETTABLE. My experience is that if a person is REALLY ATTRACTEDto another person, they'll put aside all obstacles in order to be with the object of their desires. Yes, this means 4 kids and an ex. If I were you, I'd project the attitude that you'renot interested in any woman that can't adapt to thesituation. Communicate that YOU'RE the one doing theselecting, and it will cancel out a woman's objectionsbefore they even arise. Think about it. I know personally know guys that have gotten past"obstacles" that almost seem IMPOSSIBLE to overcome... Raise YOUR OWN standards, and you'll find that this has a magical effect on the way women treat you. If you're reading this right now, and you're in a situation in life where you'd like to get back on track and start having more success with women and dating, then it's time for you to take action. Just sitting around HOPING that something will happen or that you'll "get lucky" isn't going to do it. If you just WAIT for something to happen, there's a VERY LIKELY chance that you'll either wind up ALONE for a VERY long time... or you'll wind up with a woman that you don't really enjoy that much. It's up to you to actually take responsibility for this area of your life... and to go get yourself an education on how to be successful with women and dating. The best place to do it? My Advanced Dating Techniques CD/DVD program. It's the ultimate insider's system for learning how to meet and date more women... and it will teach you the secrets that it's taken me YEARS to learn and develop.


tips on getting women

i get this guy's newsletter every so often. i agree with 90% of what he says.

it kind of expounds on that
"i know you want me baby so let me make your dreams come true"
book that i think rhochie or james stole from me

How To Interpret A Woman's Words And Body Langauge

--------------------------------------------------To safely and permanently exclude yourself fromfuture mailings just click the link at the endof this newsletter. To sign yourself up for thisno cost e-letter, visit www.DoubleYourDatingAdvice.com--------------------------------------------------

I hope you're sitting down... because what I'mabout to share with you will change how you view women and dating.
I'm about to take you "behind the scenes" in the female mind.
I'm going to give you a perspective that most men never see or realize.
Unfortunately for most guys, not seeing things the way I'm about to share with you keeps them trapped in their own little world of failure.
If you pay careful attention to the things I'm about to reveal to you, you'll definitely have more success with women.
Have you ever heard a woman say something like:
"I want a guy who is sensitive."
"I want a guy who's in touch with his feelings."
"I want a guy who's a good communicator."
"I want a guy who is strong."
"I want a guy who is sexy."
Of course you have.
Women say this stuff all the time.
One of my favorites is:
"I want a REAL MAN."
I love that one.
In the past, when I'd hear women say "I want a REAL MAN" I had NO IDEA what the hell they were talking about.
It almost didn't make sense.
But keep in mind, even though these things don't always make sense to us guys, they make PERFECT sense to women.
Here's the problem...
When a woman says one of these things, she actually MEANS something that is different from what a guy would mean if he said the same words.
Let me explain.
If a guy says "I'm going to stay home and relax today", he probably means that he's going to stay home, watch some sports, drink a beer, look at pictures of women on the internet, and order a pizza.
If a WOMAN says that she's going to stay home and relax, she's probably NOT going to watch some sports, drink a beer, look at pictures of women on the internet, and order a pizza.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are reading this right now and you are a woman who watches sports, drinks beer, looks at pictures of the women on the internet, and orders pizza to relax, then contact me immediately at the email address below. And send pictures.
Back to what I was saying...
Women are DIFFERENT from men. And the words they use often don't mean what they SOUND like they mean.
So the FIRST thing that you have to get through your head is that just because a woman SAYS something to you doesn't mean that it means that you THINK it means.
Catch my meaning?
There's a little secret that women never happen to mention when they're describing what they want in a man.
Unfortunately for all of us good guys who are trying to be what women want... and hoping that if we try hard enough to please women that they'll like us... this little secret is causing us a LOT of trouble.
The SECRET is that women ONLY want the things that they're asking for from a guy who already has about 100 other qualities that they never mention.
In other words, if a woman says "I want a man who is a good communicator", what she REALLY means is:
"I want a guy who already has his life together, is interesting, unpredictable, dominant, funny, healthy, charismatic, confident, and loyal... who is ALSO a good communicator."
The REALITY is that when a woman says one of these "I want a guy who" statements, she actually has an IDEAL guy in mind, who ALSO happens to be a good communicator.
She's NOT imagining Homer Simpson sitting on his couch reading a book on communication.
The reality of this situation is that what women RELLY want is a man who makes them feel the emotional and physical response that I like to call ATTRACTION.
They want a man who makes them FEEL IT.
But most women either can't describe the things that actually make her feel ATTRACTION, or they don't WANT to have to describe them, because they want a man who already IS those things... without having to learn them.
Think about it.
If you were hiring a bodyguard, would you want one that said "Yea, I can be a bodyguard. Just giveme some time to learn..." or would you want one that already KNEW how to kick ass anytime, anywhere without having to learn?
Well same goes with women.
They don't WANT a guy that they have to train.
If you don't already have the UNIVERSAL FOUNDATION of what appeals to women, then no amount of changing and improving things like your communication and sensitivity is going to help you.
Lately I've been thinking a lot about the idea of a "Real Man".
You hear both women and men using the term.
But what does it actually MEAN?
And is it important?
Well, after thinking about this particular topic for a long time, I've come to the conclusion that it is a VERY important topic.
At this point, I believe that a REAL MAN is this "ideal" that women imagine when they're saying "I want a guy who is sensitive".
They're thinking of the REAL MAN, and then they're imagining him ALSO being sensitive.
There are a lot of aspects to this REAL MAN.
Here are a few that are important:
-Status-Lack of Insecurities-Standards-Experience-Humor-Unpredictability-Leadership-Challenge
...and the list goes on.
It's actually not easy to describe a REAL MAN in a few sentences... but I'll tell you what... a woman can recognize one INSTANTLY.
Now, a common mistake that men make is taking something that a woman SAYS that she wants, and doing it TOO MUCH, thinking that if "A little bit is good, then more must be better".
For instance, a woman SAYS that she likes guys who are "thoughtful". So you go out and buy her a bunch of gifts, and give her cute cards every time you see her, and call her all the time to tell her that you miss her.
What happens?
She leaves you for her jerk ex-boyfriend.
This would be kind of like a woman saying "My favorite food is chocolate" and then you thinking it would be good to feed her chocolate for every meal just because it's her favorite... or adding chocolate to every single dish you make for her from now on... and forgetting that 97% of what she eats still needs to be OTHER FOODS.
Let me land the plane for you.
Women don't MEAN what you THINK they mean when they talk about what they want in a man.
And if you take the things women say too literally, you're going to wind up shooting yourself in the foot.
So let me "decode" what women "really" mean when they say common things.
Consider this your own personal "female language translator". Refer to it often.
"I want a guy who is sensitive."
"I want a guy who is busy doing his own thing in life, who has goals and objectives... who has passion for things. If we're out together, he always keeps me on my toes, and I'm always wondering what's going to happen next. He's challenging, interesting, and funny. I would really like it if he was also sensitive enough to know when I need a hug, or to be held, orwhen I want him to make love to me."
Does this make sense?
Again, she's not imagining a picture of a boring, predictable, Wussy who is sharing his hurt feelings because he's so "sensitive".
Big difference.
"I want a guy who is in touch with his feelings."
"I want a guy who is strong-willed, and who doesn't get upset about petty things... a guy who can deal with the fact that I freak out emotionally sometimes... and who knows how to be cool when things are tough. But I also want him to be in touch with his feelings so that: 1) He doesn't repress his emotions and theneventually kill 10 people in his workplace, and 2) When he's intimate with me, and he feels a passionate rush... he'll grab me and make love to me like a beast!"
What she's NOT doing is making a picture of a meek, afraid guy who calls all the time to ask "Do you like me? Because I sure like you".
"I want a guy who's a good communicator."
"I want a guy who doesn't talk all the time, because he knows how to let me know what's on his mind without using words. I want the kind of guy that can touch me in a certain way and I feel tingles all over my body. And I want the kind of guy that can say things in a way that I understand... not crudely and man-like."
You'll often hear women saying that they what a "Sexy Man".
Now, I USED to think that they meant that they wanted a PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE man when they said this.
Sometimes this is exactly what they mean when they use the term "sexy". But I've found that, most of the time, women mean something TOTALLY different whenthey use the term "sexy".
You see, a woman generally bases more of her life around what she FEELS than a man does.
And the concept of "sexy" is usually used to describe the way a man makes a woman FEEL than it is used to describe how HE LOOKS.
Think about women's romance novels for a moment. Women's romance novels account for about a fifth of ALL BOOKS SOLD.
What do these books contain?
Words that DESCRIBE things.
Descriptions that make women FEEL things.
My point: If you want to learn how to be a "sexy man", then the way you LOOK isn't the most IMPORTANT thing.
I'll tell you something, too.
Learning the secrets of being a "sexy man" can be a very rewarding experience.
A lot of guys out there, including me, know EXACTLY what it's like to be either on a date with, or in a relationship with a woman who has NO INTENTION of being with you "physically".
In other words, she's just not feeling thatpowerful "sexual" ATTRACTION for you.
And you don't know how to MAKE her feel it.
Well, let me tell you...
Just like all the other things that a woman "says" that she wants in a man... that most men don't ever "get", being SEXY is one of the BIG ONES.
If you understand the secrets of being SEXY, you will notice that women start to behave VERY differently around you.
For more specific techniques and step-by-step systems for becoming all of these things that I've mentioned above, INCLUDING "sexy", then I recommend that you check out my online eBook, and my Advanced Dating Techniques program.
My eBook "Double Your Dating" comes with threeFREE bonus reports. One of these reports is called "Sex Secrets", and it teaches you how to take things from one step to the next when it comes to "getting physical" with a woman. If you do these things, you will INSTANTLY make a woman realize and remember that you are a SEXY man. I absolutely guarantee it.
You can read some great free samples, and download it here right now:
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I'll talk to you again soon.
Your Friend,
David D.

if shakespeare and Michaelangelo collaborated on a comic would that make it socially acceptable?

while reading joey's blog about people who look down on speculative fiction (actually i don't know any) it occurred to me that most people don't even read, period.
And those who do read and look down on certain genres (like speculative fiction) or storytelling mediums (like comic books) pretty much just parrot what society dictates to them is acceptable and have no true opinion of their own. Why are they discouraging fellow readers?

the graphic novel is a powerful medium requiring great effort on the artist's part to draw strange places and vehicles, capture period clothing or evoke an emotional "look" or "feel" to a story in 2D format. this is not easy to do and requires a lot of research and patience for one man. it is a disservice to them that they are not recognized for their efforts. there are of course, different genres to this medium. non comic book fans will recognize tom hanks' "road to perdition" and thora birch's "ghost world" as examples. the japanese have a manga for every topic. what i like about comics is that it is so much easier to control than a movie and one can still show the reader the writer/artist's specific vision. The great thing about pictures is, one can write a paragraph describing a circle but it is so much simpler to understand a drawing of it.

i consider movies to be the most powerful storytelling medium solely because sound can be played with it. (what's star wars without the imperial march?) Sound brings a lot to the storytelling table. But of course movies are more expensive and more complex to make. More things can go wrong and ultimately you have to limit what to show or say in it because you can't reduce a 1,000 page novel to a 2 hour movie. one can only hope to capture one or two points of genius in that novel the movie is adapting and still make the movie stand on its own.

the book format allows one to say the most. i have read many things i liked only as books. to convert them into movies would be to wash down a lot of worthwhile things that were written.

On the other hand, i know some stories i like only as movies, and i have read many things that can only be done in comics.

in short, each medium has its benefits and a true story connoisseur keeps an open mind and continually expands his horizons.

so what's the tsismis?

a lot has happened in a year.
(* this part of the blog has been censored *oops* sensitive issue)
bob and sara no more?
jim has another baby coming?
micki had washboard abs?
carlo's going to the phils in december?
so-and-so is having an affair with a older man?
jane banta is vacationing in SF?
miko & the flavor of the month extended to 2 months?
what's the juicy news?


Your Twilight Zone Post

FYI people who read this blog (the 5 or 6 who do anyway), I got a text from TC who got it from Miko Pogi...

From Miko: lets pray for woo2. he was seen daw by 1st yr med studnts recruitng 4 beta sigma. nagpakilala sya as woo woo ortiz. d studnt describd d person as matangkad at may itsura.

I texted Miko about this and he said his source is reliable.

My only question is: nakalimutan na ba ni Woo na 4J first and frat man second? Sheesh... (I know, joke in bad taste but still, 4J loyalties, right?)

Anyway, in response, TC suggested a visit to Woo's grave at Loyola tenatively set for October 16, Saturday and maybe a possible mass at Ateneo high school.