here is a desert flower.

sigh no comments again. maybe

one day i will have something that will inspire someone to write. this picture is a larger view of the sky


here, lightning is coming out of the clouds

night into day

this gives you the illusion you are walking from night into day. but my best theory is that the "night" is actually the cloud's shadow. you can see what i'm talking about better with another picture i have


titan missile

i visited the ICBM site in the daytime. it is at night when they turn on the eerie green light like i saw in a comic book.
it was cool to see the thing that stood out to me in "the dark knight" 4 issue mini-series. miller of course used artistic license.
this is the titan missile which replaced the nike / ajax missile system i posted on multiply (video.) sorry my pictures are scattered between the 3 (multiply, facebook and this blog)


the variety of cactus that automatically comes to my mind when you say cactus is the saguaro. they get pretty big like this one


what i do

usually when i'm in an american town or city, i go around visiting the local comic stores to promote my product. i do this more to supplement my tour and get a better feel of the city rather than as a real marketing effort. the list i use is unreliable because I get quite a few residences and non-comic related stores (e.g. games, cards)added to the mix. i post this because this blog is quite dead and it is my goal to one day be a "joey story." so i'm giving him possible storylines.