Went backtracking in our archives and made a list of all the 4J poker winners. No, I'm not doing this to toot my own horn. More like, rubbing salt in Elena's wounds. Tee-hee.
Budoy - 5 wins
Dino and (identity protected) - 3 wins each
Conci - 2 wins
Bob, Leslie, Jel, Joey & now Philip with 1 win apiece.


Hold 'em and Told 'em

Saturday, 2 weeks ago.
Conci volunteered to host the 4J Poker night at her place in Marikina. Unfortunately, only a few of us could attend that night. Aside from Conci and myself, Tini was there, as was Jel Tecson. Now, I've played with the lot of you already, but it's only Jel who has managed to read my tells right. Didn't hurt me too much though. Conci took the first game. Jel took the second. Joey arrived and added P50 to the pot that I won. Oh, and Tini spent most of the night playing with the dogs and clipping his toenails.

Friday, last week.
R-Jay wanted a change from poker and we all met up at Grams in Rockwell. Most of the usual suspects arrived: R-Jay, Ching, Joey, TC, Rhochie and Micki (no smoke for you Rhoch!), Dino, Miko (and a girl named Apple), Philip and Anna, Bob and myself. Typical gathering, but instead of a bull session, it became a revelation/interrogation deal and people were digging deep into the sordid pasts of each one at the table. Except for TC. No one would dare ask him anything due to the fear of incrimination.

Last Saturday.
Poker pushed through at my place. Bob, Rhoch (no Micki so....), Philip and Anna, TC and Elena and myself. I took the first game and the second game came down to Philip, Anna and Elena. A first-time winner was to be crowned and unfortunately, Elena still has no wins to her name. Philip and Anna went head-to-head with Pich taking the game and Anna taking the cash.