One-upmanship... kinda

To give a little cheer after yesterday's heartbreaker game against La Salle, here's something I overheard during Jig's 30th birthday last Saturday night at Grilla Grill in Libis (mind, I did edit this for greater effect):

1st guy (happy): Within this year, I've had 7 girls proposing to have sex with me!

2nd guy (sad and frustrated): Well, within the year, I've already 13 offers for sex or dates-- and all from men!

Hehehe, guess who these guys were?!?


Happy Thoughts

This month, let our thoughts be with
1. Sandy: He's on the verge of leading Ateneo to the finals, The only thing standing in his way is a La Salle team that has a 7 game winning streak and a twice-to-beat advantage. Go Sandy! It's ok! It's all right! We still love you Winston Crite!

2. Jim: He's taking the Bar exams again. Let's pray for his success so that R-Jay will be prepared once those malpractice/sexual harassment cases start to pile up. (Joke lang R-Jay, balita ko, ganda ng bedside manner mo. Wala akong balita sa in-bed manner).

By the way, I visited her blog and this is what Princess Blogonoke looks like: http://img62.exs.cx/img62/5056/Blog16.jpg

Yun lang!


I wish I had one of these the time we played in Antipolo. Posted by Hello

It's a PAINTBALL MINI GUN and its being sold on eBay.



the j bar

i'm trying to think of a better name than "the j-bar."
yeah, it was good for a chuckle at first but then it got old. how about
"Citizen J"? or "the 4J Bar" at least?or a quote that changes every month, like
"do you Like Bird?"
"Move faster, Caster!"


where's waldo

can you spot ryan in vegas?