savage dragon


calvin and hobbes

when i'm sad...


ryan geographic

the winter nesting grounds of the monarch butterfly.
they all bunch up in trees

here is the turtle release camp. the newborns hatch from eggs and are collected into a container. the tourists then place them near the shore. this day we did 300 turtles

the far side,

to get a "the far side" t-shirt,
i once ran a marathon.
this was the route in golden gate park, san francisco.
when i last checked, there seemed to no longer be an association between the marathon organizers and the cartoonist. (i.e. it was just another marathon)


mobile armored strike kommand!

A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.

Knight Rider - A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.

Michael Knight, A young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.

... you just hit the jackpot

can of whoopass

miller - good call


the future

The Zombie Survival Guide


my out of control spending & time wasting

while in mexico, i caught up on my movie watching.
i have some more in SF & RP so if you come over for a visit, i have enough stuff to rot your brain for good.

Outlander jim caviezel (B)
Leatherheads george clooney, renee zellweger
Walk the line joaquin phoenix, reese witherspoon
Xxx 1 vin diesel
Margot at the wedding nicole kidman
Cheaper by the dozen1 steve martin, tom welling
Good luck chuck jessica alba
Honey jessica alba
p.s. I love you gerard butler, hilary swank
spy kids antonio banderas, carla gugino
anger management adam sandler, jack nicholson
Harold & kumar escape from Guantanamo bay
La vie en rose marion cotillard
Despereaux matthew broderick
Commando arnold schwarzenegger
milk sean penn
21 grams sean penn, naomi watts
Invincible mark wahlberg
Marley & me jennifer anniston
Sex drive
Heart break kid (ben stiller)
Lions for lambs
kane see no evil
the mummy tomb of the dragon emperor
journey to the center of the earth
bordertown (j.lo, banderas
my mom's new boyfriend (meg ryan, banderas
pride & glory (colin farrell, norton)
lolita (kubrick)
the love guru
what happens in vegas (ashton kutcher, cameron diaz)
made of honor (patrick dempsey, michelle monaghan)
conversations with other women (aaron eckhart, helena bonham carter)
mirrors (keifer sutherland)
clone wars
elegy (ben kingsley, penelope cruz)
mama mia (B)
nick & norah's infinite playlist
penelope (christina ricci, james mcavoy)
city of ember (saoirse ronan, tim robbins, bill murray)
pineapple express seth rogen
operation valkyrie tom cruise
bee movie
mullholland drive (naomi watts)
how to lose friends & alienate people (simon pegg, megan fox, kirsten dunst)
corpse bride (timothy burton)
bangkok dangerous (nicolas cage)
max payne
changeling (angelina jolie)
the spirit (samuel jackson)
pan's lab yrinth (guillermo del toro)
passengers (anne hathaway)
doubt (seymour hoffman, meryl streep) B
7 pounds (will smith)
american crime (ellen page (B))
body of lies (leonardo dicaprio, russel crowe)
eagle eye (shia labeouf, michelle monaghan)
x-files 2
baby mama (amy poehler, tina fey)
rock & rolla (gerard butler)
the wackness (ben kingsley)
miami vice (colin farrell, jamie foxx)
hellboy 2 : the golden army
nim's island (gerard butler, jodie foster)
hamlet 2: rock me sexy jesus
mission babylon (vin diesel)
shoot em 'up clive owen, paul giamatti
haunted mansion eddie murphy
meet dave eddie murphy
goya's ghosts javier bardem, natalie portman
the rocker
crumb biography
city of lost children FRENCH
Elizabeth cate blanchett, geoffrey rush
frida salma hayek
stardust claire danes, michelle pfeiffer
kung-fu panda
appaloosa (viggo mortensen, ed harris)
barry lyndon kubrick
deception hugh jackman, ewan macgregor
great houdini catherine zeta-jones, guy pierce
kung fu panda: secrets of the furious five
tropic thunder ben stiller, jack black, robert downey jr
national treasure2:book of secrets nicolas cage
skin walkers
treasure planet
I now pronounce you chuck & larry adam sandler
the air I breathe brendan fraser, sarah michelle gellar, forest whitaker
michael clayton george clooney
prince caspian: chronicles of narnia
mr. magorium's wonder emporium dustin hoffman, natalie portman B
sweeney todd johnny depp
shooter mark wahlberg
10,000 bc
jumper (samuel jackson, hayden B
wanted angelina jolie, james macavoy
crank jason statham
click adam sandler
underworld evolution kate beckinsale
lady in the lake m night shymalan
hancock will smith
forgetting sarah marshall B
strangers liv tyler, scott speedman
don’t mess with the zohan adam sandler
doomsday rhona mitra
hulk 2 edward norton
the happenning m night shymalan
fool's gold matthew mcconaughey, kate hudson
get smart (steve carrell, anne hathaway)
rachel getting married anne hathaway B
8 below paul walker
hulk vs wolverine, thor
yes sir! jim carrey
australia nicole kidman, hugh jackman
slum dog millionaire
vicky cristina barcelona javier bardem, scarlett johansson
flawless demi moore, michael caine
firewall harrison ford
last king of scotland forest whitaker
the fast & the furious 2
the fast & the furious 3: tokyo drift
sleepwalking (charlize theron, woody harrelson)
ghost town greg kinnear, tea leoni
welcome home roscoe jenkins
batman: gotham knight DUPLICATE
strange wilderness (happy madison)
van wilder2: rise of taj
no reservations catherine zeta-jones, aaron eckhart
little mermaid2
sex and the city movie
invincible iron man
the grand (woody harrelson
peter pan rachel hurd-wood
house bunny anna faris
fragile calista flockhart
be kind rewind jack black, mos def
burn after reading brad pitt, george clooney
death race jason statham
wedding daze jason biggs, isla fisher
speed racer wachowski brothers
beowulf zemeckis
the duchess keira knightley
blindness julianne moore
into the wild emile hirsch
the international clive owen B
the unborn odette yustman B
quantum of solace B
fun with dick & jane jim carrey, tea leoni
seraphim falls pierce brosnan, liam neeson B
day the earth stood still keanu reeves
crossing over harrison ford B
sky high kurt russel
rumor has it jennifer anniston
flicka alison lohman
merchant of venice al pacino B
daddy day care eddie murphy
RETURNED: you me and dupree
bring it on kirsten dunst, eliza dushku
sahara matthew mcconaughey, penelope cruz
teenage mutnat ninja turtles
spiderwick chronicles
v for vendetta
the women meg ryan, eva mendes
my best friend's girl jason biggs, kate hudson
outlaws penelope cruz, salma hayek
family stone jessica parker, diane keaton
billy madison adam sandler
happy gilmore adam sandler
punch drunk love adam sandler
perfect stranger halle berry, bruce willis
terminator schwarzenegger
mr brooks kevin costner
around the world in 80 days jackie chan
children of huangshi chow yun fat, radha mitchell
forbidden kingdom jet li, jackie chan
batman:gotham knight
next avengers
ultimate avengers
ultimate avengers2
ladder 49 joaquin phoenix, john travolta
water horse
the game plan the rock
clash of the titans 80s
jason and the argonauts 80s
final destination 3 mary elizabeth winstead
the kingdom jamie foxx
the hills have eyes emilie de ravin
watchmen: tales of the black freighter carla gugino
cadillac records adrian brody B
southland tales the rock, sarah michelle gellar
black christmas michelle trachtenberg
new in town renee zellweger
bride wars anne hathaway, kate hudson
the queen helen mirren
street kings keanu reeves
final destination2
nights in rodanthe richard geere, diane lane
dedication mandy moore

tv series
battlestar galactica (the new one) s2
jlu season2
smallville season 4,5
big bang theory s1
madmen s1 (i was watching it free online, but cannot outside the usa)
family guy s3-7 (i've seen the earlier seasons, but i got them for a deal)
heroes S1,2 (i've never seen a full episode, but i bought it anyway)



i found this helpful in clearing up when something is GB or UK

If browsers were women...

Bill Stickers


The Madness of Mission Six

"In 1976, Cosmonaut Nikolai Peckmann was sent alone to an orbiting space station for what would be called Mission Six- to study the radiation levels and strange circumstances that killed all four crewmen of the last research mission.
By the third day, Peckmann's broken transmissions were coming back to ground control filled with increasing paranoia and delusion. He claimed that the spirits of the dead cosmonauts were coming to claim him, and that he had to keep moving to evade them. He shouted that if he could capture consume these spirits himself while he still had strength, he could move to the next level of consciousness...Truly the rantings of an insane man.
Indeed, video recovered later would show Peckmann running around the confined but maze-like station, downing emergency sedatives like a madman....pausing in a corner momentarily, only to throw back vitamin pills and give chase to his invisible demons.
He had exhausted the entire cargo of vitamins, pills, and fresh fruit well ahead of schedule. There was no way another crew could be assembled to rescue him before he starved. After one rather violently garbled transmission, the static cleared and the last live image on record is that of Peckmann's empty, wilted spacesuit on the cabin floor.
It was determined that another mission to recover any remains or gather any more research would be a waste of the people's money, and the station was allowed to drift out of orbit and into space- a failure never to be mentioned again. It was ordered and assumed that all video and paper evidence had been destroyed."


watching on the tube

i watch and i read, but i forget so many things.
what good is it if i forget all the details?
if i read or watch it again, it is almost like i just wasted time doing it the first time around.
i know i've watched all of star trek: the original series, not once but twice.
the thing is, i find it hard to remember the stuff that happened. that goes for DS9, TNG, Voyager and Enterprise. (yes, i've watched them all. i am actually more knowledgeable than the trekkie in the family, my brother (he's limited himself to ST:TOS))
not only that, my head's swimming in new information everytime.
i try and take what i can from my tv & movie watching.
i don't believe tv rots your brain.
it is a great source for new ideas. some are made by people who have an advanced understanding of things i have never bothered to look into, so i gain new insight quickly.
other advantages include learning new words, or sometimes learning how to pronounce words i already know (but never heard spoken.)
i was appreciative enough of
"lions for lambs" to seek out "the kingdom" (same author)
actually, the latter turned out to be more hollywood than i would have preferred, but anyway...
other times movies talk about emotional truths.
ive been enjoying adam sandler's later movies since "50 first dates," though adam has been finding his groove and getting it right since "anger managment."
"click" (i know you didn't like it jim but i agree with jay t) i thought was his best work.
watching dvds on my computer allows me to pause whenever i hear the latest slang words so i can look them up ("nick & norah's infinite playlist")

lastly, i get to make note of songs that i like and can add to my library



joke of the day

hearing AIDS



Cobra Commander




when i eat at a burger joint like mcdonalds or burger king, i order the regular hamburger. nowadays, you dont even see it in the menu. usually they advertise some other burger that is 10x more expensive and has all these other ingredients.
i never really got into the big mac, or any of the gimmicky burgers-of-the-month.
i like, as the big bang theory people say, the meat to bun to condiment ratio of the regular hamburger.
my family thinks i'm being cheap when i order it, as if i was saving money or something. nothing can be further from the truth. i genuinely prefer the flavor of the regular hamburger. (for wendy's, i like the deluxe classic in the RP. it is not available in any wendy's out of the country)
all the other hamburgers are just too messy with the sauces (or something) spilling out of the burger. i like the neatness of the plain burgers.
sure, i appreciate other ingredients, but i grew up with this type of hamburger back in the day when the selection was smaller and simpler, so it is what i am used to.
it depends on my mood what kind of hamburger i'd get. usually i prefer a fire grilled burger. In the RP, this style of cooking is done by Hotshots and Brothers. Among the big chains, BK is my preferred brand. I am also used to the flavor of Mickey D's so I crave for that too sometimes. Jollibee, when i can get it, I prefer without their special sauce, and then i just add ketchup.