Groupies and Genetics

You guys should also try reading the blogs of the other J-boys while you're here. They have some interesting reads. Check out Rhochie's blog (www.pooraim.blogspot.com) and look at the picture of dilangalen there. In the background, you'll notice Philip's distinguished uncle in the background proving that the genetics in their bloodline run strong.

In Joey's blog, I found the following exchange in the comments section:

Jigs who?
falseprophecy | Email | Homepage | 05.24.04 - 9:06 pm | #


Jigs de Belen. Might know him over at Philo...
banzai cat | Email | Homepage | 05.25.04 - 4:52 am | #


I know him. But he doesn't know me even though he's on my friends' list (Friendster). I used to have a really huge crush on him when I was in HS. I still do, actually.

He was the drummer of Backdraft, right?

Since di ko sha ma reach. Yung vocalist nalang nila yung naging ka fling ko. I was 15 then.

(Why the hell am I typing all this on the net?)

Fuck it. I'm gonna die once he learns about this.
falseprophecy | Email | Homepage | 05.25.04 - 7:04 am | #



Our Pants! Our Pants! Our Pants are on Fire!

Last Friday was another testament to the amazing bond of the J-Boys of '93. R-Jay made the call and the boys came. First stop was Gerry's Grill on Jupiter street. Present were TC & Elena, Ching, Jigs, me(Buds), Tini & Conci(the betrothed), Rhochie, Joey & Mia, Aljay, R-Jay & Leslie and Philip Pichay (who had a flight to Australia the very next day). Miko Sales even took time out from his sexual exploits to grace us with his presence!

After a few beers and endless questions as to why Ching wasn't at AA's wedding, we convoyed to the Fort for coffee and another round of beers. We crashed a private company party and took over the private room where we proceeded to drink, smoke, dance, blind each other and set each others' pants on fire. Bob & Sarah decided to join us there.

We packed up and were supposed to go our separate ways at 3:00 but held an impromptu photo session in the parking lot. Considering that we saw each other just two weeks before, it was like no one wanted to leave, lest R-Jay brand them as "Pangit!"

The only casualty of the night was Miko's Palm Tungsten which disappeared from the bar. After a frantic search, there was no sign of it until Miko received a cryptic message on his phone:

"If you want to see your Palm Tungsten again, make sure that you see me on Tuesday...R-Jay"


We were patiently waiting for the ceremony to start. (Photo by T.C.)

The wedding's about to start. (Photo by Elena)

While everyone was inside, here we are enjoying the fresh air. (Photo by Elena)

The Master of Ceremonies, Jay 'The Round Mound of Sound' T. (Photo by T.C.)

The food was excellent. (Photo by T.C.)

The evening's winding down...(Photo by T.C.)


The Hector Directive

Wala lang, I just want to test out a blog, and remind you of how we should live our life in this world. As Bob was telling me, Hector in the movie Troy said it succintly:

"Honor your God, love your woman, and defend your country!!!"


Too Many Places

I'm starting to wonder about this Blogging phenomenon. I like the idea of keeping everyone updated on what's happening in and around the 4J Universe, but I thought that was what the mailing list was for? Actually, that was what the 4J web site was for. I suppose since I haven't done anything to try to get the 4J web site up since 1999, I guess people started looking for other means. Wouldn't some people find that it takes too much effort to jump from the mailing list to the 4-J blog to the individual blogs? Just wondering.

In any event, I've found renewed interest (again) in rebuilding the 4J web site. It will take some effort and resources. To be more specific, around P6,500 a year for hosting fees and domain name reservation. Anyone interested in helping me raise the money?

Anyway, I find this blogging thing interesting. Some posts are longer than others and makes me lose interest in reading them. Then again, it's nice to know what your friends are thinking every now and then.

The Boys are Back In Town

Well, since you guys aren't putting in anything longer, let me start.

I actually had been thinking of a 4J blog for the rest of us before and broached the idea to TC. Hehehe, looks like you beat me to it Rhoch.

Like someone mentioned before in the emails, at least it'll be easier for everyone to update each other on what's been happening, especially those who live abroad. After all, we can't always meet up for drinks or billiards or movies like what we used to do before (more so for those who live abroad).

However, I have a suggestion. For the title of the blog, how about Den of Iniquity? I remember it was TC who had this idea of turning his house into something to be listed in the rolls of Infamy.

Well, either that or something TC also proposed for a bar owned by 4J: The J-Bar. (Er, yes, it does sound like...)


the wisdom of ages

4J online baby!

Hey this is cool! Sana more of us will be blogging. Saves the hassle of opening all the e-mails. Rhoch, add a tag-board para minor correspondence can be in the main section. Maybe we all could write a short history/backgrounder on ourselves here.


First Post of the Day

This is the first post of many.