A text conversation. Friday, May 26, 6:30 p.m.

R-JAY: P**ang ina! Namatay si Cyclops at Professor X!
BUDOY: P**ang ina mo! Bukas pa kami manonood!
R-JAY: P**ang ina! Sorry Buds! Wrong send!

Gotta love that guy...


Monkey in the Middle of the Pool

4 players arrange themselves into the corners of a square, 3 meters apart from one another.

The 5th player, the monkey, positions himself or herself in the center of the square.

The objective of the 4 players is to pass the ball successfully to another player, with the following conditions:
  • The ball has to be passed within 3 seconds
  • A player can’t pass the ball back to the one who last passed it.
The objective of the monkey is to intercept the ball so that it can’t be received by one of the players. The monkey can either intercept the ball during a pass or tap the ball out of bounds.

If successful, the monkey switches places with the player who last threw the ball. That player becomes the monkey and a new game begins.

Other Rules
Any player who, in the course of a game, violates one of the conditions becomes the monkey.

Any player who throws a ball out of bounds twice in a game becomes the monkey.

Only the player receiving a pass can move from his or her original position.

The monkey can move anywhere within the square and distract players by splashing water into their faces.