philippine development pt2

so here are more controversial ideas for getting the rp into the 21st century:

a. abolish the military like in Costa Rica (whichever president does this could get the nobel peace prize) and put the money for it elsewhere. such as medical care.
b. remove customs tax and make everything duty free. why? well, being an archipelago, we will always have more expensive prices than countries in a continuous land area, such as in the main asian continent, where price-wise everything is lower. but of course! you don't need to depend on expensive things such as (long) bridges, ships, and other pricier means of transport. we will have access to quality goods and just make the standard of living better because it's cheaper
c. open to other cultures. the rp does not embrace its immigrants. it is a mostly homogeneous race, with the exception of some chinese blood. we will definitely benefit from an infusion of other races: people from india, africa, europe, etc. people will be less racist. immigrants are what made the usa strong.
we will also benefit from increased choices in food, approach, etc.
d. have a goal such as being a carbon neutral country by 2030
e. increase the land area of protected forests
f. establish a national park service.


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