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And more comics...

Here's something interesting: an inside look at the creation of Image Comics.

I found this article pretty interesting as I remember getting into the comics bandwagon again during my high school days-- after a long hiatus-- because of the rise of Image.  Prior to that, I usually collected Marvel/ DC titles in grade school.  

Particularly, I remember checking out Filbars in Katipunan almost every week just to see the latest output by McFarlane, Liefeld, Lee, et al.  Of course, this was a frustrating affair considering the fact that some of these guys couldn't get out their titles on time if their life depended on it.  I also figured that I wouldn't keep up with all the stuff coming out so I limited myself to the first limited series of their titles (WildCATS, Youngblood, Dragon, Cyberforce, etc.)

However, one good memory I had was finding a good copy of McFarlane's Spawn first issue in that 2nd copy comic book shop in Manila Bank Arcade in Greenhills.  (I'm sure Ryan knows this one.)  And considering it was only for P150 bucks, I wonder how much that costs nowadays.

Just remembering...


For the Married Guys...

Overheard this on the radio.
The DJ sez when greeting the groom, you say, "Congratulations."  When you greet the bride, you say, "Best wishes."
When it's your friend getting married, you say, "WHY?!?"
Hey, I didn't say that, he did...

took me a day to figure out it's a fake
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han solo manual

"Han Solo Manual For Responding To Women Who Say That
They Love You".

Remember at the end of Empire Strikes Back when Han
was about to be frozen in Carbonite, and Princess
Leia said "I Love You"?

Remember what Han said back?

He said "I know".

Some variations:

"You should."

"I don't blame you."


Donuts and Arachnids

Well, for those who weren't (or couldn't like the boys abroad) able to attend, last Saturday's movie outing was a blast.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make the house-warming party of Sonny and Ria since I had work the whole afternoon. However, Mia and I were able to follow after to watch Spiderman 2 at the Rockwell threatres later that evening. Those who were also there were: TC and Elena, AA and Molly, Aljay, Tini and Conci, and Bob and Sarah.

Also there as well was the prodigal Philip Pichay straight from Australia. Yep, after a 12-hour(?) flight, Philip showed up with Tini and Conci lugging a full dozen Krispy Kreme donuts all the way from Australia. Tiyaga nya, no? He also gave away little furry toys to the girls. Huh, you'd think he was campaigning for the elections.

Afterwards, TC, Elena, Aljay and Philip dropped by Dencio's for dinner and drinks whereas the rest of us had to go home due to one reason or another. (Hey Bob, did you go back after?)

Cheers to Philip! Yeah!